Side Quest: The Average Male Model Face (and Chest)

Article / 21 April 2020

As a follow up to my experiment yesterday with female models from the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2020 runway show, I decided to run some male models through LoveChild as well.

Instead of using a runway show, I used the model polaroids from the Tomorrow Is Another Day (TIAD) modeling agency site. I chose them because they take consistent photographs from the same angles of all their models. There's also a decent sample size; here, I averaged 207 male models.

As I mentioned before, since LoveChild can average only two photos at once, it's a process to get to all 207 models (and some had to be used twice to make it work). With Miu Miu's 66 runway models, the averages started looking much similar much earlier in the process. The male models at TIAD seem to have more facial variety/differences such that only at the very, very end did the averages start looking very similar.

Is this what you would have expected their average male model to look like? Knowing TIAD's taste in men, it's not too surprising to me.

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