What If My Barbie Were a Real Person? (Using AI and Photoshop)

Making Of / 16 July 2022

Target had some Barbies on clearance, and I picked some up, thrilled that there is so much more representation and diversity now than when I was younger (of course, still plenty of unrealistic body images, even with the "curvy" ones). So of course I couldn't help trying to realize one of my faves into a "real" person.

I started off by taking a picture on my phone:

Then I uploaded it to ArtBreeder and cross-bred it with a fairly realistic looking Asian woman. Here's the result:

I then brought this into Photoshop for various cleanup, and also used the Liquify and Color Transfer features:

Took the above into FaceApp for eyebrows/hair/smile/makeup. FaceApp did a lot of the heavy lifting here:

I looked at the official Barbie Fashionista #177 image from Mattel:

Clearly, my photography skills are sorely lacking, and my photo of my Barbie did have some selfie distortions. So I used the above photo as a reference on facial proportions, and fine tuned the portrait in Photoshop for the final result:

What do you think?