Benni a 01

Main promotional image

Benni a 02

Front & back

Benni a 05

Eye colors & makeup options

Benni a 06

Nail options

Benni a 08

Brow options

Benni a 09

Tattoo option

Benni a 07

Lip colors

Benni a 10

"Birth of Nurys"

Benni a 11

"Field of Dreams"

Benni a 12

"Mad Hare"

Benni a 13

"Nurys, Zombie Hunter"

Benni a 14

Nurys as a school girl

A new 3D character sculpted in Mudbox, textured in Photoshop and Blacksmith3D, based on the Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 8 Female figures from DAZ Studio; she is now available for purchase from Renderosity at:

(Note that the "Content Advisory" images on that page contain nudity; those images were not included here.)