Fantastic Fresh Friends of Justice - CoS Edition
Benni amato 3foj3 reduced
Benni amato magnus paintedfull

Magnus Vellshorn II

Benni amato lilyis paintedfull

Lilyis Shadowhorn

Benni amato pansy paintedfull

Pansy Boffin

Benni amato torgin paintedfull

Torgin Ironhammer

Benni amato yazmeph paintedfull


Something to commemorate my current Dungeons & Dragons group. We're playing Curse of Strahd at the moment, and we have Magnus Vellshorn II (dragonborn fighter), Lilyis Shadowhorn (tiefling warlock), Torgin Ironhammer (dwarf cleric), Pansy Boffin (halfling rogue--me!), and finally, Yazmeph the quasit, Lilyis's familiar, as played by our DM.