Recreating the Muse: Muriel Foster

Good reason exists to believe that Muriel Foster was the model used in many of John William Waterhouse's paintings, paintings I was absolutely obsessed with in college. My first dorm room was littered with Waterhouse posters.

However, very few photographs appear to exist of Muriel Foster, so I thought to test out various AI tools, and combined them with my Photoshop skills to recreate a photographic portrait of Ms. Foster.

I started out with this public domain image:

I used Topaz's Gigapixel AI to enlarge the photograph, colorized with Photoshop's Colorize Neural Filter, fed it through Remini for enhancement. Then I ran the result through Neural Love's "Generate Portrait" feature, and incorporated it with different elements of the various earlier results with Photoshop.

There is, in fact, the same original photograph available in a much better resolution here:

However, as the web-related licenses were limited to 15 years, I did not want to bother with it. That said, you can use that photo to compare it with the AI results.