Custom RPG Characters: Looking to make your D&D/Pathfinder/RPG character come to life? Or are you a Dungeon Master looking to round out your campaign with some NPCs? I'll happily work with you to realize your vision. 

Book Covers and Related Artwork: I specialize in book covers and related artwork that prominently feature (human and humanoid) characters. Characters will be created based on your vision and descriptions; there's no need to rely on the available models from stock photos, as is the case with many other designers.

Fashion Displays and Campaigns: Why picture your clothing on a mannequin when you can do it with a 3D model?  (Note that you will have to provide 3D models of your clothing, such as through Clo or other clothing fitted to DAZ's Genesis 8 models.)

Anything Else: Straightforward portraits, re-imagining yourself in a fantasy portrait, anything character-related, whatever you can think of...just let me know!

Contact me, and we'll work out the details. Please let me know what you're looking for, and what your budget is. 

Alternatively, you can also contact me if you have a request for a stock character that will be available for purchase on Adobe Stock. There is no guarantee that I will make the character, and it would be publicly available for other purchasers, but that could potentially be a cheaper way to fulfill your needs.